Our Team

Our team's Mission

As your hosts and guides, we strive to make your time at Northern Lights Lodge as memorable and enjoyable as possible!

Skeed Borkowski

Owner & Guide
Nobody loves this wild country more than Skeed! As a dry fly fanatic and retired gold miner Skeed still loves pulling yellow out of the river in the form of our unique "yellow bellied" rainbow trout! Nobody will make you feel more welcome, or more at home than Skeed as he shares his lodge and iconic stories with you! Skeed's favourite time of year is September throwing mouse patterns for large rainbow trout!

Sharon Borkowski

Owner & So Much More
A passionate fly fisher lady! Sharon makes the wheels go around here at Northern Lights. Whether it be preparing the finest home cooked meals, you have ever eaten, to decorating the property with beautiful flowers and much more. Sharon is the backbone of everything that goes on and will do everything she can to make you feel welcome during your time here at the lodge! Sharon loves summer berry picking!

Trevor Warkentin

Fly Fishing Guide
Trevor is the real deal. He has been outfitting in the Cariboo region for many years. Between logging, homesteading, trapping, and fly fishing there isn't much Trevor hasn't done. Trevor is as seasoned as they come in the back country and a valuable member of our team. Trevor enjoys fishing dry flies on Quesnel river and telling stories of his adventures of a life well spent in the mountains.

Jake Pengelly

Fly Fishing Guide
Jake joined our guide team in 2023 and fit right in! A troutbum through and through, Jake is always excited to be on the water, and has a sense of humour that will surely make your time with him memorable. Jake is a student of the sport and will keep your rod bent in his boat! Along with being an excellent guitar player, Jake has a passion for photography and jumping off of things people shouldn't jump off of.

Rob Gordon

Hall of Fame retired Guide
Rob is truly an expert when it comes to fly fishing! A student of the sport, there is nothing Rob cannot do, or teach, making him an invaluable member of our team! A talented fly tyer & all-around expert fly fisherman. As a seasoned guide, Rob will do his darnedest to put you on fish!  Rob's favourite season is summer when the fish are looking up! He also really enjoys swinging flies for aggressive rainbow trout. 

Curtis Royer

Fly Fishing Guide/Marketing
In 2019 Curtis joined the Northern Lights guide team. Curtis is a devoted fly fisherman and loves putting people on fish! In his previous career as a Paramedic, Curtis spent countless hours honing his skills & chasing trout across the continental divide every chance he got. Curtis is a trout bum through and through! Curtis’ favourite season is May/June when the travelling sedge are hatching on the lakes!

Karla Royer

With a smile that will make you feel at home, Karla keeps all the behind the scenes stuff running smoothly at the Lodge! She does a little bit of everything from cooking, cleaning, shuttling vehicles and all sorts of handywoman jobs. There is really nothing she can’t do! Karla also enjoys her time on the water fly fishing! Her favourite season is Fall watching the salmon & wildlife here in God's country!

Larry Robinson

Fly Fishing Guide
Larry is the newest member of our guide team and we call him "Batman" because he has nerves of steel! Larry recently moved to Likely and is a semi-retired Arborist. Larry loves fly fishing, especially stillwater fly fishing in the spring and fall. Larry has been fly fishing his whole life and has experience fishing all over BC. Larry is a great asset to our team here at Northern Lights Lodge!

Gordon Elliot

Hall of Fame retired Guide
“The most interesting man alive” says Fly Fusion"s Jim Mclennan and I’m sure most of our guests would agree! Gordie has been outfitting in the Cariboo since he was 16 and while we won’t say how old he is, he has definitely been around the mountain a few times. Gordie's favourite time is stonefly fishing in July and taking clients up the Quesnel by jet boat to his old stomping grounds. Hear one of his legendary stories around the supper table!