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Dear Skeed and Sharon,
“Your guides were terrific – Paul, and Gordy were a total pleasure to be with and appreciated their patience and pointers on how to be a better fly caster- you can tell Gordy that it had to be the Rod – what else could it be! I couldn’t ask for a better group of guests at the lodge-they were all fun to be around- I can’t wait to come back!!!” – Your friend David “THE FISH WHISPERER”

Hey Skeed and Sharon, and crew,
“The trip was the high light of my life up until this point. Nowhere could I expect to find friendlier people and better fishing. I did catch quite a few very nice rainbows that will go down in my personal record book for safe keeping, the memories will remain forever. It was never as much about the catching as it was about just being there. I would not change a thing. I gained a lot of information from this trip and I am sure that it will translate into a few good paintings.” – Larry, CO

Hi Sharon and Skeed,
“I wanted to write and let you know that Harv and I had an outstanding time at Northern Lights Lodge. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you, your staff and guides, and the other guests, and hope to head that direction again in the years to come.”

Sharon and Skeed,
“Thanks for everything, especially the new towel sets! The ones I stole from you last time needed to be replaced. It was great seeing you again, and getting our feet under Sharon’s table! Sabine loved it, but is now insisting on a total upgrade of waders and outfits. No more “Brand X” only top of the line from this point on!” – Bob and Sabine

Skeed & Sharon,
“Once again just wanted to thank you both for a wonderful stay with you & your extended family. Bill & I had a great time. All the guides were great….very easy to get along with & very knowledgeable. I know everyone’s getting geared up for the salmon run and I hope that everyone enjoys themselves as much as Bill & I did! Looking forward to getting back up there next year!” –  Best wishes, Rodger

Hi Skeed,
“Yes, it’s true, I’ve only been gone for a few days and I miss you guys and the lodge already! Then, I had a wonderful idea. Wouldn’t it be great to bring my better half up to experience your little slice of heaven in Likely BC …in a few weeks!! Let me know if you can fit us in. Now I can come up twice per year, once with the guys & once with Leslie. Can`t wait! I had a great time and look forward to getting back up there.” – Best regards, SJW

Skeed and Sharon,
“I echo Don’s review of the trip. It was fabulous and made memorable by incredible weather, delicious food and the incredible hard work of your team. You are great people and were a joy to be around. I don’t think the high water detracted from the trip. We could have had perfect water and terrible weather. It’s the vagaries of the great outdoors. I came to BC hoping and hunting for a bull trout for the first time ever. I ended up catching a nice 22″ fish in perfect setting and pulling on a much bigger one that created a story I’ll always remember; Rainbow, Bull and Rainbow, Rainbow, eagle and Rainbow. Thanks for your incredible hospitality. Stay well and take good care of Sharon. We will see you again, you run a great operation!” – Best wishes, Mike

Sharon & Skeed,
“What a delightful time we had! I’ve had to adjust my eating and drinking intake a bit since our visit otherwise I would have needed a wardrobe change. Everything was exceptional. Your gracious hospitality was beyond compare. Don’t hesitate to call on me should you need a personal reference on the experience. Take care and please let me know if your travels bring you through northern California. Thanks again for everything and enjoy the rest of the summer.” – Regards, David.

Skeed and Sharon,
“I want to thank you for everything. We had such a wonderful time. Fishing was great, the food was incredible, and you all (as a group and individually) were the best. Thank you again.” – Jeremy L

Hi Skeed & Sharon,
I brought home an extra 5 lbs. Sharon & Nicki are fantastic cooks and it was very kind of them to accommodate my pescatarian diet. Incidentally, I’ve been having dreams of fishing. And then I wake up. We laughed at your jokes because you have about the quickest wit I’ve seen in years. So refreshing, couldn’t get enough. I love the way you even left us in the airport laughing. It was indeed a sucky man hug. I will never see squirrels without thinking of you. Best,” – Mare & Darrell

Hi Skeed, Sharon, Gerald and Tanya, and everyone else who made our trip Great! We had a great time in spite of the high rivers. Our fishing experience was fantastic. Our guides were knowledgeable and a joy to fish with. The evenings around the fire and over dinner were like being at home with good friends. We will be back next year! Thanks to everyone!” – Bruce & Margaret

David S., CA – “I have never felt more welcome anywhere. Great food, great fun. Far beyond anything I could imagine. You live in Paradise.”

Jeff M., Milford, CT- “Like Home! Only with huge trout!!”

Tim B., Golden, CO – “The fishing EXPERIENCE was unparalleled & entire crew was beyond our expectations.”

David M., S.C. – “Unbelievable, the fish, the scenery, the sounds of the “Great Outdoors”, fighting rainbows & great hospitality. Thanks for my Trip of a life time. See you next year for another great adventure.”

Michael K., CO. – “FANTASTIC!! Thanks for making me feel like part of the family. FIVE STAR HOSTING!!!

Mike G., Denver, CO – “Ten years! WOW! I can’t believe time has passed so quickly. NLL has been the greatest series of trips I have ever taken. My brother & I have enjoyed every minute of fishing, but mostly the people. You are all our family and we appreciate everything you do for us. Thank you so much.”

Gregg & Julie A., Phoenix, AZ – “Skeed, Sharon & Nikki & all the gang at Northern Lights, thankyou for sharing this truly special place!What an amazing place!! Great food, fishing & fun! Best of all – the warmth we feel from all of you. Thank you, thank you & thank you!!”

Warren T. – WA -Skeed, Sharon & Nikki – “You work so hard to make every trip ‘a trip of a lifetime’. Thanks for all my ‘Trips of a Lifetime’. Great fishing, great food, unbelievable scenery and fantastic hosts!!! Thank you so much & I will see you next year.”

Bonnie & Harley S., Colorado – “Deer, moose, bears (Black & Grizzly) wolves, ducks, geese, eagles, fine folks, fishing, guiding, sights, sounds, & fantastic food. Rainbows, Dollys, Whiteys, Kings & Sockeye. A provincial park with privacy & fish. Wowee!!!!!!!”

Joe C., Lacaster, OH – “You all feel like family; kind, generous with your hospitality, and extremely comfortable. Thanks for the memories. I have to bring my sons and grandsons to experience this small part of heaven.”

Brad & Beth K., Denver, CO. – “Next time I will pump iron so I can handle those fish! Thanks for the peaceful moments, amazing scenery & generous hospitality. I look forward to our future trips. See you next year! & every year after!”

Elliot R., Farmington, New Mexico – “I think one would be hard pressed to find a better run operation — had a great time — caught lots of fish — weather & scenery were great.”

Allen C., Cols., Ohio – “Wonderful place. Tons of fish, tons of laughs & great meals. Thank you Skeed, Sharon & Niki & everyone who made this a great experience.”

Ron A ., Las Vegas, NV – “I enjoyed my second trip to Northern Lights as much as the first. Thanks for my two best vacations. See you again next year.”

Jeff A., Denver, CO. – “Quality people, lodge, food & fish! I’ve met some friends that will last a lifetime. Best fishing for trout in 20 years … novice to expert.”

Kevin K., Aurora, CO – “Thanks for always making my time here memorable.”

Bernie R., Evergreen Co. – “Beautiful landscape, diverse rivers & fantastic hosts. Oh yes, the fishing was awesome!”

Tony P., Littleton, Co. – “One of the best weeks of my life! Thanks for the experience & the hospitality. I will remember this the rest of my life. I’ll be back!”

Fred A., Lancaster, PA – “Never experienced trout that fought like these! Great time, great food, great people! I will be back.”

John L., Bellevue, WA – “This may be as close to heaven as one can get on earth. Thanks for a wonderful week in God’s country. See you next July. Can’t wait!!”

Mark G., Littleton, Co. – “What can I say about family. I can’t believe it’s been two years since we were here last time. Hopefully it won’t be another two years before we meet again. Thanks for everything.”

Robin B., Portland, OR. – “Skeed & Sharon & staff, you all have a lot to be proud of in how you run the lodge, treat people & share your lives & neighborhood. Thanks for a great stay! Beautiful place, beautiful fish!”

Kip S., Aurora, CO – “First class operation from start to finish! Definitely never went hungry, never went a day without catching gorgeous fighting Canadian Rainbow & never had a better vacation! Thank you all.”

Sheri & Dave F., Denver CO – “Five pounds (the weight we put on & the size of the fish we caught) It will be impossible for me to equal my first fishing trip. You guys & the guides are the greatest!”

Carole M., Bellevue, WA – “Now I know why Larry loves this place so much! Thank you for such a wonderful time. Emily enjoyed it too.”

Ken C., Genesee, CO – “Another great week with our Northern Lights family. The experience was great! Thanks for creating such a warm & friendly atmosphere! Be well!”