Stillwater Fly Fishing

Forty Lakes, Wild Trout!

Guided Stillwater Fly Fishing at Northern Lights Lodge. More incredible dry fly fishing!

Wilderness Trout Waters...

With over 40 prolific trout lakes within a 20 mile radius of the lodge, our options are wide open. So many lakes, so many trout! Whether you're fly fishing from drift boats or pontoon boats, our experienced guides will share their knowledge and take you to great fly fishing waters that offer exceptional dry fly fishing.

Stillwater fly fishing in BC, Canada
Stillwater Fly Fishing in BC for Rainbow trout

Catch the Hatch!

We kick off the season with our guided stillwater fly fishing program from mid-May to mid-June with Chironomid and Caddis fly patterns, then later overlap with Damselfly and Callibaetis Mayfly patterns matching their current life cycle forms.

Stillwater & Rivers Combo

During the last two weeks of June and first week of July, experience our combination guided stillwater and river fishing package. We'll expose you to some remarkable dry fly fishing. Typically, during this time, the lakes experience prolific Chironomid and Mayfly hatches, while the Quesnel River releases a variety of Caddis and Stoneflies. Feeling these 15 to 24 inch wild native Trout explode on your dry fly pattern is an exciting experience you'll long remember.


“Northern Lights Lodge does encourage a 100% catch & release policy on the Quesnel River, Horsefly River, Mitchell River and Cariboo River; however, guests fishing the area’s stillwater lakes are welcome to bring back a few fish for the smoker or griddle.”