Lake Fly Fishing

Trophy Lakes & Native Lakes

Guided Stillwater Fly Fishing is as good as it gets at Northern Lights Lodge! The Cariboo Region is home to some of the best Stillwater Fly Fishing IN THE WORLD!

What to Expect

Our Stillwater trips are mainly conducted from pontoon boats. They allow us to fish true wilderness lakes where it is difficult or impossible to launch larger boats. For this reason our trout are usually more than willing to eat dry flies due to very little angling pressure! These trips are suitable for any skill level of fly fisher and are a great way to get beginners into the sport! BUGS, BUGS, BUGS! Our area is most known for dragon flies, damsels, travelling sedge, boatmen and backswimmers. Our travelling sedge that hatch in May/June make for some of the most exciting stillwater fly fishing you could hope for! When you are sitting quietly on a lake you never know what you might see. Moose, Black Bears, Grizzly Bears, Wolves, Caribou, Loons and birds of prey are all in our area and occasionally make appearances!

Adventure Fishing!

We make every effort to go where others won’t! Our Stillwater trips begin in May and can be added into any package until freeze up. Spring and Fall are the best times to target trout on our lakes, as water temps are most favourable for trout to be active during these times. Lake trout, bull trout and Quesnel lake trophy rainbow trout outings are also a possibility for those who are interested in fishing bigger water. These trips are not a part of our regular program so please inquire for more details and we can tailor a package for you!

About the Trout

The trophy lakes we fish are stocked with multiple strains of rainbow trout. The one we spend most our time chasing is the rare “Horsefly” or “Yellowbelly” strain. Why? The Horsefly strain is AGGRESSIVE! These fish love to eat dry flies, you don’t have to fish them with chironomids. In fact, we don’t! Ok, sometimes we do but during our spring stillwater season we really try to focus on catching fish topside. These lakes produce big hard fighting fish that can put you into your backing in seconds! Rainbows up to 30 inches are possible and high 20’s are not uncommon. We are also blessed with native wild rainbow trout! That’s right! Non-GMO, natural stocks of rainbow trout, that love to eat dries as though their life depends on it! Native rainbows range in size, but we try to stick to lakes with healthy stocks from 14 inches to upwards of 20 inches. We also have lakes that hold bull trout and lake trout. If catching these species on the fly is something you are interested in, we can take you to them! Methods for these species will differ and involve deep sinking lines and big streamers.